Three Easy Soup Recipes For Every Lazy Chef!

After a long tiring day at work, what can be more pleasing than bowl of fresh soup? Soups are high on nutrients, fats, minerals, and proteins, depending on the recipe, and you can get a serving ready in no time. If you are trying to lose weight, go for the low-fat recipes, which will keep you fuller for longer. There are websites like Soup Maker Guide, which offer a bunch of recipes worth trying.

Below, we bring three easy recipes for lazy cook.

#1 – Chicken and Rice Soup

Take about 100 grams of fresh or leftover roasted chicken and about 100 grams of rice, which can be of your choice – white or brown. Additionally, you would need chopped veggies as preferred – add carrots, onion as you like, with 4 cups of broth (vegetable or chicken as available). Just add the chopped veggies, with chicken in a saucepan and bring the mix to a bowl. You can add some salt and mixed herbs to taste. Drain the mix after 10 minutes of boiling, mash the veggies and chicken together with the leftover water and add rice to it. Add the sweetcorn too and boil the recipe for about 20 minutes or so, which is the time required to cook the rice. Once ready, serve hot with some basil or coriander on the top.

#2 – Tomato soup

For this recipe, ingredients include diced tomatoes (about two cans or 250 grams), 4 tablespoons of olive oil, 4 tablespoons of fat of your choice, around one big sized onion, 3 pods of garlic finely chopped, ground black pepper, around 4-6 cups of chicken broth, salt (to taste), and sugar (to taste). To start off, add the olive oil and butter to a saucepan and once heated up, just add the garlic and onions. If you want to thicken the recipe, add a bit of flour at this point. Add all rest ingredients, including tomato, and bring the mixture to boil. If you have added flour, make sure to stir in between.

#3 – Mixed veg soup

This has to be a personal favorite. Just take all the veggies of your choice, preferably with greens like kale, add to a pot with some flour, salt, and pepper and bring to a boil. You can also choose to add some butter and cheese if you like, and your hot meal is ready to serve.

Try some of these recipes now!