The Three Best Pasta Dishes in The World

Pasta is the world standard for comfort food.

Throughout time, pasta has been viewed as an immense treat to be enjoyed along with some of the most succulent dishes in the world.

The dis evolved from being an Asian peasants’ food to a dish befitting the very highest echelons of European society. The reason? Because pasta is one of the most versatile foods in the world.

Unlike meat or vegetables, pasta can be made into0o thousands of different forms and mixed with tons of different flavors. Over the years, each country has made a version of pasta its own. In households all around the world, everyone has their family recipe.

It’s one of the most widely enjoyed foods in human history. The question is, who can claim to have the very best pasta – and which dishes are simply unparalleled?

With so many variants to choose from, you have to look at both the pastas everyone enjoys as well as the ones you can only have in one place. Of course, flavor is king.

Here’s a list of several pasta dishes that rise above the rest:

  • Spaghetti Bolognese

One of the most iconic pasta dishes, the classic Bolognese combines comforting pasta with hearty meats and rich tomato sauce. It’s by far the most popular dish outside of the pasta capital of the world – Italy.

However, what you imagine today as Pasta Bolognese is not at all what it looked like in its earliest iteration way back in the 1400’s. Back then, the dish was localized in the French city of Bologna, where Ragu alla Bolognese was served with egg noodles (tagliatelle) which held meat sauce like an art form. In addition, the dish carried very little, if any, tomato sauce and tasted predominantly of meat.

  • Ragu Napoletano

A less well-known dish than the Bolognese, this little number straight out of Naples, Italy is one of the best dishes in the world, period.

Far from being a simple platter, the Ragu Napoletano features a rich, meaty sauce which takes hours to prepare. As opposed to beef, the meat is made mostly of pig ribs and chunks of roast accompanied by prosciutto, guanciale and bacon.

The sauce is also very complex, featuring proportioned amounts of red wine, garlic, onions and parsley along with triple tomato concentrate. All of these ingredients require meticulous attention and must be prepared just right to obtain the right kinds of flavors.

This dish is not for culinary beginners.

  • Pesto alla Genovese

Despite there being a wide variety of pesto throughout Europe, the one we all know and love comes from Genoa.

This specialty dish from the region features one of its staple crops, basil, which grows better in the Liguarian region of the country better than anywhere else in the world. The pesto itself is made by crushing basil and a few other ingredients and mixing it with olive oil, garlic and sometimes cheese.

The result is a fresh and flavorful sauce that pairs excellently with thick pastas like Gnocchi.

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