Symptoms of Increase in Estrogen in Man

Estrogen is a female hormone responsible for her well being. The man also produces a considerable amount of this hormone for the efficient functioning of the reproductive system. When it becomes high, then you must check for medicines. It will lead do many discomforts and hence treating the same is required. Know the symptoms to avoid any ill health. Hormones play a significant role in every individual’s life.

Signs Indicating The Increase If Estrogen Hormone Among Men

Fertility Issue

 When men have any issue related to fertility, then you must check their estrogen level as rising in its level will lead to impotence. With age, the estrogen hormone increases and testosterone reduce indicating the lack of interest in sex among men. Also eventually they become infertile. You must take necessary blockers when the estrogen level is higher at a young age to prevent fertility issues. Find the best estrogen hormone blockers using the link

 Erectile Dysfunction

 When estrogen increases will decrease the testosterone, and hence regular erection becomes an issue for a man. Also, the drive and libido will drop leading to disinterest in sexual activity. Increase in estrogen more than the required limit will also become evident when a man grows older showing less interest in sex.

Breast Enlargement

The size of the breast increases due to the accumulation of fat in the breast. Due to level rise in estrogen man become obese. Obesity will cause accumulation of fat in most of the body and predominantly breast area causing an increase in the size of the breast. Such men will have sagging chest and will have a significant structure.

Heart Problems

A man with more estrogen will have more fat and hence cholesterol. High level of lousy cholesterol will lead to heart block and stroke. Block in the heart will result in heart attack. The stroke will affect the brain function and paralyze the body movement.


It is required by every individual at each stage in life to check their estrogen level and keep it under control. Leaving it to will cause several problems as mentioned above. Sometimes ignorance ultimately leads hormone-secreting tumor and even makes a person die. Hence exercise caution, eat a balanced diet to keep hormones in check. Beware of your health condition; any small abnormality noticed you must inform the doctor. Never leave it unattended. Drink more water and practice regular exercise to get rid of unnecessary fat.