Reheating the Turkey Dish – How to Heat Meat Without Damaging Its Tenderness

The turkey that is smoked with right proportion of heat is one of the delicious dishes that you will eat today, especially as the thanksgiving dinner. When compared with other dishes that are prepared using turkey, this version of turkey meat will surely be quite delicious and even nutrition rich to your body.

When you think about preparing smoked turkey, you will surely go all the way and end up with enormous amount of food on the table. After completing your dinner, it is time to wrap the remaining dish in aluminum foil and save it for tomorrow in the refrigerator. The tricky part is when you reheat the dish the next day, it should not damage the tenderness and texture of the meat.

How to Reheat the Turkey Dishes

Reheating turkey dish becomes tricky, as you should not only retain the flavor of the dish, but also retain the tenderness of the meat. Here are some of the tips that can help you with reheating turkey dishes.

  • Thaw the Turkey

After overnight refrigeration of remaining turkey dish, you will find your dish frozen. Defrost the turkey a day at least before reheating by thawing it. Defrosting will not only bring back the tenderness of your turkey but will also retain the deliciousness of the meat.

  • Prepare the Reheat

Place the remaining turkey dish in the pan and make sure that you place the breast side of the meat facing down. You can either remove turkey from aluminum foil before placing it in the roasting pan, or you can just reheat it with the foil. The main goal here is to not let turkey become dry.

If you are placing the meat directly on the roasting pan, then make sure to spray the meat with cooking spray before reheating. If you choose to reheat the meat with aluminum foil, then add a layer of broth in the pan. Both the procedures will retain the tenderness of the meat.

  • Reheat the Meat

Place the pan in the preheated oven and let it stand for about 5 minutes. Usually, the required time duration for heating a fresh turkey is around 60 minutes and reheating requires only 5 minutes.

You can even place the roasting pan inside the oven and set the temperature for about 145 degrees F. Let it stand in the oven, till the oven reaches the required temperature.

After your turkey is done, you can allow meat to rest and then serve the meat as one of the dishes in your next day lunch or dinner.